About The Coat Check -
sustainable, recycled, & chic

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The Coat Check is committed to high-end design that is also future-friendly, renewable aand sustainable, and we're part of the handmade revolution in modern interior decor. We have been producing decor and fashion accessories from reclaimed fur since 2002.

The Coat Check makes one-of-a-kind and limited-edition decor accessories from vintage coats and rugs - reclaimed-fur pillows, bags and fashion accessories for men and women, throws & blankets, floor cushions, rugs and wall hangings, sculptural objects and conversation pieces. All of our soft furnishings and accessories are "upcycled" from vintage coats and are hand-constructed in Vancouver, B.C.  Apart from our highest-quality sheepskin and fur reclaimed from vintage coats, we sometimes combine these with vintage materials including antique and modern Japanese cottons and linens, midcentury, mod 1960s and 70s heavy cottons or linens, rough wool weaves, and vintage rugs. "Upcycling" is the recycling of older materials for newer, more deluxe purposes.

In the tradition of westcoast modernism, The Coat Check incorporates Scandinavian, Japanese and ancient design influences to bring warmth and natural texture to both modern and traditional decor. We think simplicity should not exclude warmth, fantasy, tactility and imagination. These qualities are too easily omitted in modern design and interiors. For some of our design influences click here. We don't like faux fur because of its toxic environmental effects and its absolute non-biodegradability

The Coat Check is the design team of two Vancouver designers with an ecological, Scottish-thrift approach but with a Euro-Russian aesthetic.

About Our Materials & Methods

For a photo essay illustrating our methods, click here.

We only work with rare vintage second-hand furs in top condition. For our fur pillows we don't use secondary backings (except for floor pillows); all our pillows have the same fur on the front and back, except in rare circumstances and where noted. This distinguishes them from the vast majority of pillows on the market. Our fur products are entirely hand-constructed from clean materials salvaged from high-quality vintage fur coats that would otherwise be discarded. These are cleaned professionally.  Our fur pillows are filled with 100% new feather inserts, but hypoallergenic foam is also available. We provide bamboo or kapok filing for an upcharge of $30, but our default filling is clean feather, which will be our standard until more sustainable filings are made more comfortable (bamboo and kapok can be very lumpy) and more affordable.

Because our materials are largely vintage or recycled, variations in colour and patina should be expected. Without ever compromising our high standards of beauty and durability, we incorporate some natural wear and idiosyncrasy and other intrinsic elements of our materials into the finished product. Any major flaws or eccentricities will be noted in the description, and more detailed photographs of any item are available upon request.

Our Thoughts About the Use of Fur - click here

Caring For Your Fur

The Coat Check's fur pillows, throws and accessories have been carefully constructed to last for many years, but please treat them gently. They should be kept away from sources of heat and damp. As with cashmere/wool products, avoid storage in dark places unless you plan to mothproof, and avoid attics, especially in summer. Avoid allowing airborne sprays such as perfume or hairspray, or makeup to come into direct contact with furs because the alcohol content in these products will dry the skins and stiffen the guard hairs. For minor spills on fur, you can try gently wiping surface spills with a faintly damp cloth (avoid soap, or use a mild face soap) at your own risk, but professional cleaning is always safer. For waxy stains like lipstick, always have your items professionally cleaned by a reputable furrier. Only a professional furrier should repair any small holes or tears. We will do repairs for a small fee, but so will your local fur cleaner. Pillow fights are not recommended, though your pillows will probably survive them.